We had a wonderful meeting today Tuesday, December 13th with 20 people in attendance..members and guests. We shared photos of cakes done by the members this past month, talked about the Icing Inspirations cake contest and the Gingerbread House comp…
We had a wonderful meeting today with 21 attendees members and guests. We celebrated the end of the year with delicious treats and bubbly grape juice. We talked about the Icing Inspirations Cake Contest that took place in November, the Gingerbread H…
I did enter my report but I am out of the Matrix forum....can you help me?
I need to enter my report ....I can remember how I do it
Help I am not in the Matrix forum.....
Our CCDG Mississauga Chapter will meet on Tuesday, May 10 at Golda's Kitchen. We will have lots of fun playing with the Russian Tips. Thanks to our Sponsor in2food. At the end of the meeting the tips will be raffle among our attending members. S…
Munaa and Rose project has been uploaded ....movie inspiration Grease
I think I am done ....5 collaboration projects from the Mississauga Branch. Everyone has made me very happy....I am pleased to be part of this dynamic group of people. I wish tha…
Great meeting last night. We were 18 (17 members and one guest). We did part of the dahlia in the meeting and most of the members took the rest of the petals home to finish the flower. The cutter was great, lovely shape and clean cut. Thank you Mor…
Thank you very much Rachel for posting the Mississauga Chapter photos....I hope I will be able to do it myself without any glitches next time
What is the meaning of 10 members beside the Mississauga Chapter ....we have 40 something members in Mississauga so I wonder what 10 members means?
CCDG Mississauga meeting will take place on September 8th at 6:30 at Golda's Kitchen. Hope to see many of you there.

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Love my job...teaching is my passion and learning is my favourite pastime together with travelling. I am fortunate to have numerous friends in the cake decorating world and that gives me the opportunity to visit many places. Changing careers in the late 90's was a good thing for me.

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